Monday, November 19, 2018

v0.1.4 Test Report and v0.1.5 Planning

While v 0.1.4 didn't see much change in terms of new functionality, it was a major shift towards a final skill infrastructure in that it saw migration to an amazon EC2 instance for the main skill logic. The update went very smoothly. Despite a little hiccup caused by bad planning for the transition on my part, there were hardly any issues arising from the 13 testers who adopted this version.

As part of the rollout, the current limited command set was optimised, particularly the play/pause commands which benefitted from fewer interactions between the skill and the LMS plugin resulting in an approximate 33% improvement in overall skill response times for these commands.

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v0.1.4 now in testing

It's taken a lot longer than anticipated but v0.1.4.1 is now available for testing.

It's exactly a month since v 0.1.3 went to test and I didn't expect this one to take so long but there were a few reasons;

  • Decision to migrate to EC2 hosting for skill logic and implementation of account-linkingĀ 
  • Issues around account linking not working in Node-Red requiring re-implementation in PHP
  • Fitting development around work & family

However, there's a lot done in this release and the skill is inching ever closer to being on a firm footing in terms of having a robust, secure, flexible platform on which to build out expanded functionality. Here's the main changes since the previous version;

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v0.1.4, here we come...

Version 0.1.3 has been out since late last week.

Since then, 17 testers logged in to the teamwork portal of whom 13 installed the test version. Based on database entries, 12 appear to have got it up and running and issued some voice commands. 11 of these users have been active in teamwork, reporting issues, bugs, ideas etc. 6 have taken the time to complete a version compatibility report, of which 5 indicate success. The test round so far has generated ~450 commands, the majority of which have been successful

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Some stats from testing

The limited 0.1.2 test is now more or less complete. A handful of dedicated and super-patient testers undertook to verify that the significant issues from v0.1.1 were resolved. They and some others who just couldn't wait to get involved (!) went on to test actual functionality resulting in the finding and squashing of a number of bugs;

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