Monday, November 19, 2018

The Birth of the Skill

With a recently acquired Amazon Echo Dot and a bunch of Squeezeboxes, I went looking for a way to tie the two together and voice control my whole house audio setup. There was no obvious solution so I figured how hard could it be? (quite hard as it turns out!). I got a quick and dirty demo set up and shared on;


The reaction was largely positive which gave encouragement to progress so I set about tackling the security issue. There was a good deal of concern expressed around the issue of opening up the LMS port 9000 to the internet with talk of malicious parties causing squeezeboes to start playing full volume in the middle of the night.

 It was therefore necessary to consider implementing a proxy server and enhanced security to allow the cloud-based skill communicate effectively yet securely with the users LMS. The basic LMS plug-in I'd envisaged was quickly growing legs. I needed to learn perl tout suite.


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Hab-Tunes is an in-development skill for the Amazon Echo that allows voice control of Squeezebox devices. This site is intended to document the skill development and help give some idea of progress.

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