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Thursday, April 09, 2020

The Alexa Squeeze Box Skill is currently in Alpha testing. This means that new features are being added and undergoing rigorous testing by a team of interested individuals from around the world. These are Squeeze Box users who expressed an interest from an early stage and have suffered through some very rough versions.

We're not adding any further users as alpha testers as there's a significant amount of knowledge, configuration and shorthand under the bridge. Adding new alpha testers would require more explaining than necessary.

Once the skill is feature complete, we will move to an open beta. For this, we will leverage Amazon's skill beta process. 'Feature complete' means that all the functionality that will exist in the first release is present and has been tested as part of the alpha programme. For the beat cycle, we will invite more users interested jn the skill to test it on a  variety of platforms and setups, hopefully finding and fixing any remaining bugs.

To get involved in the Beta, send a message with a little background, (your Squeexebox setup, software experience), and include the e-mail address you use with your Alexa devices / Amazon account (we need this to set you up on the Beta programme).

There's no real criteria for participation apart from an interest and willingness to spend some time reporting bugs. 

If you have previously made contact on slimdevices forums or by direct e-mail, there is no need to do so again.

To participate in the beta, you will also need to set up an account here at However, there's no need to do this until the beta starts, and certainly no need to take out one of the paid plans - they are there for testing only!!

The beta cycle will likely start mid-late January 2019.