Monday, November 19, 2018

Not much development this week, but we do have the teamwork project portal up and running and a number of volunteers signed up to help with testing etc., which is great. I've been through the project-related threads on and extracted all the community suggestions and feature requests. These, along with some outstanding internal tasks, have been set up in the portal so there's now a consolidated list of to-dos to be tackled.

I'm hoping to make significant progress this weekend with a view towards getting an initial version to testers next week for the purpose of testing skill<->LMS communications efficiencies. The aim is to get this locked down in the coming two weeks which will then allow me tackle the bulk of the actual skill implementation over the Christmas break.

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Hab-Tunes is an in-development skill for the Amazon Echo that allows voice control of Squeezebox devices. This site is intended to document the skill development and help give some idea of progress.

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