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Built for Alexa

Built for Alexa

All the power of Alexa, all the flexibility of Squeezebox! A custom skill facilitates voice control for transport, content selection
Built for SqueezBox

Built for SqueezBox

Squeezebox is an amazingly flexible and resilient platform. Our custom plugin links to Alexa to add voice control.
Built for Simplicity

Built for Simplicity

An LMS plugin linked to an Alexa skill. Simple. Easy. Effective.
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Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Alexa for Squeezebox

These days, it seems that voice assistants are everywhere. In stand-alone devices, in a/v equipment, in household appliances, cars and more. Beyond a gimmick, voice applications are evolving to a point where they are approaching usefulness.

But what about legacy technology? Squeezebox was a great platform. There's still plenty about and there's a healthy second-hand market. The LMS is still viable and supported by a great community. 

The Hab-Tunes project seeks to breath new life into older technology by integrating voice control. The first such endeavor is Alexa for Squeezebox - an Alexa skill and LMS plugin that allows you control your Squeezebox by voice.



Comprising a standard Alexa skill and LMS plugin, it's familiar and easy to install, configure and use.



With https used when available, and no need for open ports locally, Alexa for Squeezebox helps keep the ner-do-wells at bay.



Developed over 2 years, with over 50 testers from around the world, Alexa for Squeezebox is stable and reliable.



With ongoing maintenance and feature additions, you can shape the direction and request functionality you'd like to see.


The ambition is to add Alexa voice control to the LMS
and Squeezebox platform in a simple and intuitive way.
Find out more about the design philosophy, or dive right in. Learn More

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It's All About the Music


Simplicity and Flexibility.
All the hallmarks of Squeezebox - Now with added voice control.

Volunteer Testers


Extensive Alpha phase is ending, with Squeezebox users from around the world contribuiting time and ideas.

Ready for the World


With German localisation well advanced, Alexa for Squeezebox can be ported to any supported Alexa language.

Recent Blog Posts

It's taken a lot longer than anticipated but v0.1.4.1 is now available for testing.

It's exactly a month since v 0.1.3 went to test and I didn't expect this one to take so long but there were a few reasons;

  • Decision to migrate to EC2 hosting for skill logic and implementation of account-linking 
  • Issues around account linking not working in Node-Red requiring re-implementation in PHP
  • Fitting development around work & family

However, there's a lot done in this release and the skill is inching ever closer to being on a firm footing in terms of having a robust, secure, flexible platform on which to build out expanded functionality. Here's the main changes since the previous version;

Version (14th February 2017)

  • Migrated skill to EC2 instance (skill)
  • Implemented PayPlans on Hab-Tunes.com for user management (site)
  • Implemented user authentication against database for calls from plugin (skill)
  • Implemented user auth for skills calls (plugin)
  • Implemented account linking (skill)
  • Implemented parameterized statements for linking DB transactions (skill)
  • Implemented string localisation support (skill)
  • Translated skill spoken strings to German* (skill)
  • Removed amazonUID from settings (plugin)
  • Removed Register and GetID Intents (skill)
  • Fixed a bug preventing dynamicIP activation from fresh start (skill)
  • Bumped the version (plugin)

*Major thanks to Bernhard C. for looking after the DE translations.


Version 0.1.4 (dev testing only)

  • replaced counter with timer for checking LMS return data (skill)
  • added support for more granular 'cannot reach LMS' error reporting (skill)
  • Improved apostrophe detection to escape more than one offending character (skill)
  • Added development flag to use dev. skill - allows current test version remain live (plugin)
  • Added error logging (skill)
  • Implemented final HTTPS support for sending user data to skill DB (plugin)
  • Implemented background data send from settings page with 'in progress' animation (plugin)
  • Tidy up settings page to include most text in description blocks (plugin)
  • Tweaked settings page feedback messaging & messages (plugin)
  • Change non-https message colour to blue as it's not an error (plugin)
  • Linked to local Hab-Tunes logo on settings page (plugin)
  • Init skill URL to facilitate ease of change in future (plugin)
  • Added check to prevent users specifying LMS port as proxy port (plugin)
  • Fixed a bug preventing unregistered users requesting UID (skill)
  • Updated Schema & Utterances (ASK)
  • Bumped the version (plugin)


Known Issues;

  • Possibly not working on OSX. Initial test shows proxy running but further user tests required.
  • Supports 1 LMS only. If users have > 1 LMS set to 'dynamicIP', problems may ensue as they auto-update the skill database.

Get Involved

Right now, site membership at Hab-Tunes.com is open. However, membership does not accrue any benefits. Participants in the ongoing closed alpha need to be members, and those who will participate in the forthcoming Beta cycle will also require membership.
Details on how to get involved can be found here