Monday, November 19, 2018

It's taken a lot longer than anticipated but v0.1.4.1 is now available for testing.

It's exactly a month since v 0.1.3 went to test and I didn't expect this one to take so long but there were a few reasons;

  • Decision to migrate to EC2 hosting for skill logic and implementation of account-linking 
  • Issues around account linking not working in Node-Red requiring re-implementation in PHP
  • Fitting development around work & family

However, there's a lot done in this release and the skill is inching ever closer to being on a firm footing in terms of having a robust, secure, flexible platform on which to build out expanded functionality. Here's the main changes since the previous version;

Version (14th February 2017)

  • Migrated skill to EC2 instance (skill)
  • Implemented PayPlans on for user management (site)
  • Implemented user authentication against database for calls from plugin (skill)
  • Implemented user auth for skills calls (plugin)
  • Implemented account linking (skill)
  • Implemented parameterized statements for linking DB transactions (skill)
  • Implemented string localisation support (skill)
  • Translated skill spoken strings to German* (skill)
  • Removed amazonUID from settings (plugin)
  • Removed Register and GetID Intents (skill)
  • Fixed a bug preventing dynamicIP activation from fresh start (skill)
  • Bumped the version (plugin)

*Major thanks to Bernhard C. for looking after the DE translations.


Version 0.1.4 (dev testing only)

  • replaced counter with timer for checking LMS return data (skill)
  • added support for more granular 'cannot reach LMS' error reporting (skill)
  • Improved apostrophe detection to escape more than one offending character (skill)
  • Added development flag to use dev. skill - allows current test version remain live (plugin)
  • Added error logging (skill)
  • Implemented final HTTPS support for sending user data to skill DB (plugin)
  • Implemented background data send from settings page with 'in progress' animation (plugin)
  • Tidy up settings page to include most text in description blocks (plugin)
  • Tweaked settings page feedback messaging & messages (plugin)
  • Change non-https message colour to blue as it's not an error (plugin)
  • Linked to local Hab-Tunes logo on settings page (plugin)
  • Init skill URL to facilitate ease of change in future (plugin)
  • Added check to prevent users specifying LMS port as proxy port (plugin)
  • Fixed a bug preventing unregistered users requesting UID (skill)
  • Updated Schema & Utterances (ASK)
  • Bumped the version (plugin)


Known Issues;

  • Possibly not working on OSX. Initial test shows proxy running but further user tests required.
  • Supports 1 LMS only. If users have > 1 LMS set to 'dynamicIP', problems may ensue as they auto-update the skill database.

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