Monday, November 19, 2018

Version 0.1.3 has been out since late last week.

Since then, 17 testers logged in to the teamwork portal of whom 13 installed the test version. Based on database entries, 12 appear to have got it up and running and issued some voice commands. 11 of these users have been active in teamwork, reporting issues, bugs, ideas etc. 6 have taken the time to complete a version compatibility report, of which 5 indicate success. The test round so far has generated ~450 commands, the majority of which have been successful

The changes in this version are fairly significant since the previous v0.1.1 test so these results are encouraging. The round revealed a couple of serious bugs which resulted in a v0.1.3.1 release which most testers now appear to be using.

I'm now moving on to v 0.1.4 which, along with bug fixes arising from v0.1.3 testing, will implement the following;

  • add experimental support for MQTT skill<->plugin comms
  • add support for skill localisation
  • add volume control command
  • add dev. branch skill to negate need to take skill offline

This last is already done and it allows me work on major changes to the online code without taking the skill offline. It will likely take up to 2 weeks to get the remaining items done.

Again these are mostly structural changes and, unfortunately, testers won't see much change in terms of available functionality. However, once I get through v0.1.4 and v0.1.5, the base system will be completed with all security, LMS communications and localisation support in place. v0.2.0 and beyond will than start rolling out extra commands and functionality.

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Hab-Tunes is an in-development skill for the Amazon Echo that allows voice control of Squeezebox devices. This site is intended to document the skill development and help give some idea of progress.

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